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JOG&JOY New Office  
1 June 2014 Onwards
JOG&JOY Moves to a New Office
18/13 The Metro Pattanakan
On Nut Road Soi 80 (Yeak 5)
Prawet District,
Bangkok 10250
Tel : 02-721-6009
Fax : 02-721-6008



National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
Bangkapi, Bangkok, Sunday 25, January 2015

Entry fee 300 baht all distance
MINI MARATHON 11.6 km starting 06.00 a.m., Categories
Male : 15&Under/16-29/30-39/40-49/50-59/60&Over
Female : 15&Under/16-29/30-39/40-49/50&Over
FUN-RUN 3 Km starting 06.10 a.m.
(Walk-Run Non Competitive)
Registration for runners
All participants must register or last-minute enroll at
Online register payment by PayPal

Pay entry fee to K Bank On nut Branch, Account No:
060-2-58566-2 Account name: SAYUN SOMDULYAWAT
Please fax your entry form and Payment transfer slip to Fax
No:02-721-6008, Please confirm your fax by calling
Tel:02-721-6009 or E-mail :
We will confirm your registration by  your e-mail.
JOG&JOY On Nut Road Soi 80 (Yeak 5) Tel:02-721-6009
NIDA Shop, Nawamin Building, Ground Floor, Tel:02-727-3610
Awards / Cash prizes / Medals
Thai finisher 1st Mini marathon 11.6 km (male/female) will be
awarded with HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn cups.
Foreign finisher 1st Mini marathon 11.6 km  (male/female) will be
awarded with NIDA President’s cups.
Finishers 1st-3th male/female of each age group Minimarathon
10.5 Km. will win cash prizes respectively of THB 3,000/2,000/1,000
Finisher 1-5 of 10.5 km, will be awarded Cups.
Medal for runners who complete the course.
All runners will be received T-shirt and BIB upon register.
Race Entry Pack Collection at NIDA
Saturday 24, January 2015 (01.00-06.00 p.m.)
Sunday 25, January 2015 (04.30 a.m.-05.50 a.m.)

BITEC Half Marathon 2015


Date Event Km. Province Organizer Tel.
10.1.15 Trio For Justice Half Marathon 2015 5/1021 Chiang Mai BABSEA CLE
11.1.15 Nutrilite Health Run 2015 3/6/12 Bangkok Amway/Amazing Field 027258000
11.1.15 The Columbia-Trail-Masters 2015 10/25/50 Pattaya AMA AMA
18.1.15 Thai Health Chon Bueng Marathon 2015 3/10/21/42 Ratchaburi Chombueng Fadation 0818805612
18.1.15 Buangern Mini Marathon 2015 10/5 Khonkaen Or-Bo-Tor Buangern 043924548
24.1.15 LPN Walk-Run 2015 2.5/5 Lumpini Park LPN/JOG&JOY 027216009
25.1.15 GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2014 3/11 Bangkok GSPA NIDA/JOG&JOY 027216009
25.1.15 Khonkaen International Marathon 2015 5/10/21/42 Khon Kaen Khonkaen University
25.1.15 Thai Sikh Mini-Half Marathon 2015 5/10/21 Bangkok Siri Guru Singh Sabha 022211011
31.1.15 2015 The North Face 100K 10/25/50/100 Khao-Yai North Face
Update 15/11/2014


Date Event Distance Place Organizer Tel.
1.2.15 BITEC Half Marathon 2015 5/10/21 K Bangkok BITEC/JOG&JOY
8.2.15 X 0 X X 0
15.2.15 Donbosco Mini Marathon 2015 5/10 Rama 8 Donbosco/JOG&JOY 027216009
0.2.15 X 0 X X 0
Update 15/11/2014

MARCH 2015

Date Event Distance Place Organizer Tel.
1.3.15 Sikarin Hospital Mini Marathon 2015 3.5/10 Bangkok Sikarin Hospital/JOG&JOY VDO
8.3.15 X 0 X X 0
15.3.15 Singha-Cha Am BIKINI Beach Run 2015 4/10 Cha Am Beach JOG&JOY VDO
22.3.15 2015 10 B O V
29.3.15 SMST Mini Marathon 2015 5/10 Bangkok SMST/JOG&JOY 027216009
Update 01.12.2014


APRIL 2015
next coming up

JOG&JOY Resulf - Photo - YouTube
 Thailand Internatioanal Half Marathon 2014   21k Results   14/11/2014
 Thailand Iron Man Mini Marathon 2014 YouTube Results Photo 8/11/2014
 Sathorn Square Vertical Fun Run   Results  Photo 2/11/2014 
 GLOBO 40th Anniversary Charity Mini Marathon YouTube Results Photo 26/10/2014
 CANAPAYA Mini Marathon YouTube Results Photo 19/10/2014
 Thai Senior Citizens Council Walk-Run 2014  - Results Photo 5/10/2014
 12 AUGUST Half Marathon Bangkok 2014 YouTube Results Photo 12/8/2014
 Making Smiles Changing Lives Run 2014 YouTube Results Photo 27/7/2014
 Reebok One Challenge Jog&Joy Mini Marathon 2014 YouTube Results Photo 13/7/2014
 ESSO 120th Anniversary Charity Mini Marathon YouTube Results Photo 6/7/2014
 Bangkok Life Assurance Mini Marathon YouTube Results Photo 1/6/2014
 GreenPeace Mini Marathon Run For Krabi 2014 YouTube Results  Photo 18/5/2014
 Singha Bangkok 14K Run 2014  YouTube Results   11/5/2014
 Singha Songkran Chiangmai Mini Marathon & Triathlon 2014 YouTube Results Photo 13/4/2014
 GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2014 YouTube Results Photo 6/4/2014
 Sikarin Mini Marathon 2014 YouTube Results Photo 23/3/2014
 Singha Cha Am BIKINI Beach Run 2014 YouTube  Results Photo 16/3/2014
 50th Anniversary FGS Mahidol University Mini Marathon YouTube Results Photo 23/2/2014
 BITEC Half Marathin Marathon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 9/2/2014
 Siamyth Mini Marathon   Results  Photo 2/2/2014
 Chivit Chiva Mini Marathon & Jog Rally 20132   Results Photo 24/11/2013
 Thailand Iron Man Mini Marathon 2013 YouTube Results Photo 2/11/2013
 Herbalife 5km Fun Run & Walk (Thailand)   Results Photo 15/10/2013
 hai Senior Citizens Council Walk-Run 2013   Results Photo 6/10/2013
 Gulf Group Mini Marathon 2013   Results Photo 1/9/2013
12 AUG Half Marathon Bangkok 2013 YouTube Results 21K Photo 12/8/2013
17 Anniiversary JOG&JOY Mini Marathon YouTube  Results Photo 28/7/2013
Singha Bangkok 14k Run 2013 YouTube  Results Photo 9/6/2013
Srisa Jorrakhe Noi Mini Marathon YouTube  Results Photo 2/6/2013
Te-Lo-Su  Charity Run for Student 2013   Results Photo 26/5/2013
Singha Songkran Chiang Mai Mini Marathon&Triathlon 2013 YouTube  Results Photo 14/4/2013
Bangkok-MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Run fof Health YouTube  Results Photo 24/3/2013
Singha-Cha Am BIKINI Beach Run 2013 Standard  BIKINI  Photo 17/3/2013
Sikarain Mini Marathon 2013   Results Photo 10/3/2013
NetureGift Mini Marathon 2013   Results Photo 24/2/2013
Don Bosco Mini Marathon 2013   Results Photo 10/2/2013
GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2013   Results Photo 3/2/2013
Lumpini Family Day Run 2013   Results Photo 26/1/2013
2013 PINK DAY Love Run   Results Photo 13/1/2013
 Chiang Mai Marathon 2012 YouTube  Results  Photo 23/12/2012
 Thailand International Half Marathon 2012   Results  Photo 16/12/2012

Payment JOG&JOY  

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