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Jogging and Enjoy Sports of Thailand

Experience over 20 years  

Experience over 20 years
More than 600 events across Thailand
More than 25 events in one year

JOG&JOY management and consultancy services includes everything required to promote and manage a memorable and successful running  events including comprehensive marketing support, a solid race planning, robust logistics, an easy and efficient registration system and health and safety requirements.

Our staff are experienced athletes who understand the needs of racers, sponsors and event organizers. We are using this experience to make your event as enjoyable as possible for racers, spectators and supporters.

Race management services includes :
 Race budgeting
 Advertising and Promotion Provision of a website Thai and English Version
 Production and distribution T-shirt, Running T-shirt. BIB Nunber, Trophies, Medal
 Online registration system database and on-site
 Entry fee payment by PayPal and payment by banking
 Liaison with competitors
 Course design, marking and post race cleaning
 Package running tour in Thailand and ASIAN
 Transition zones and water stations
 Liaison with local authorities: permits, police and authorizations
 Liaison with stakeholders and providers
 Provision of Race Director
 Provision of Race marshals
 Race briefing
 Race mapping by GPS on endomondo
 Race timing by CITIZEN Timer and by Chanpionchip
 Crowd management
 Race Results on a website Thai Version and English Version
 Photot finish and VDO on YouTube
 Risks assessments
 Provision all staging materials: Start Finish straight line, Start-Finish arch,
 Tents, Cones, traffic barriers etc by Traffic cones 500-1,500 pieces.
 Communication routes running by radio CB 245 MHz.
 Our race management is flexible and can adapt to different ways of working and budgets.

Partner Sponsorship :
 Singha Drinking Water
 Sport Drink by M Sport
 Nakornthon Hospital
 Timing Chips by Ultimate Timing Systems
 Online Event Registration Systems by PayPal

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JOG&JOY Resulf - Photo - YouTube
laugh Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon 2015
laugh Thailand International Half Marathon 2015    Race Results
 Megabangna & Prudential International Half Marathon 2015    YouTube Race Results
 PTT Run for Love 2015 (11 OCT 2015)     Race Results
 Muang Thai Korat Marathon 2015     YouTube Race Results 20/9
 Muang Thai Marathon 2015 Bangkok     YouTube Race Results 23/8/2015
 12th August Half Marathon Bangkok 2015    YouTube Race Results21k 12/8/2015
 JOG&JOY 19th Anniversary’s Mini Marathon    YouTube Race Result 26/7/2015
 Admincourt Mini Marathon 2015   YouTube   21/6/2015
 Bangkok Life Assurrance Half Marathon 2015   YouTub Results chips 14/6/2015
 ISP. Mini Marathon 2015   YouTube   24/5/2015
 SINGHA Bangkok 14K 2015  Photo YouTube Results chips 17/5/2015
 SINGHA Songkran Chiang Mai Night Run 2015   Photo  YouTube Results 11/4/2015
 IFMSA & SMST Mini Marathon 2015   YouTube Results-Photo 29/3/2015
 Singha Cha Am BIKINI Beach Run 2015 Photo YouTube Chips Bikini
Chips standard
 SIKARIN Mini Marathon 2015    YouTube  Results-Photo 1/3/2015
 DONBOSCO Mini Marathon 2015      Results-Photo 15/202015
 BITEC Half Marathon 2015    YouTube chip21k  Photo 1/2/2015 
 GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2015    YouTube Results-Photo  25/1/2015 
 LPN Family Walk-Run 2015    YouTube Results-Photo  24/1/2015 
 Thailand Internatioanal Half Marathon 2014     21k Results   14/11/2014
 Thailand Iron Man Mini Marathon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 8/11/2014
 Sathorn Square Vertical Fun Run     Results  Photo 2/11/2014 
 GLOBO 40th Anniversary Charity Mini Marathon   YouTube Results Photo 26/10/2014
 CANAPAYA Mini Marathon   YouTube Results Photo 19/10/2014
 Thai Senior Citizens Council Walk-Run 2014    - Results Photo 5/10/2014
 12 AUGUST Half Marathon Bangkok 2014   YouTube Results Photo 12/8/2014
 Making Smiles Changing Lives Run 2014   YouTube Results Photo 27/7/2014
 Reebok One Challenge Jog&Joy Mini Marathon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 13/7/2014
 ESSO 120th Anniversary Charity Mini Marathon   YouTube Results Photo 6/7/2014
 Bangkok Life Assurance Mini Marathon   YouTube Results Photo 1/6/2014
 GreenPeace Mini Marathon Run For Krabi 2014   YouTube Results  Photo 18/5/2014
 Singha Bangkok 14K Run 2014    YouTube Results   11/5/2014
 Singha Songkran Chiangmai 10k & Triathlon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 13/4/2014
 GSPA NIDA Mini Marathon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 6/4/2014
 Sikarin Mini Marathon 2014   YouTube Results Photo 23/3/2014
 Singha Cha Am BIKINI Beach Run 2014   YouTube  Results Photo 16/3/2014
 50th Anniversary FGS Mahidol University Mini Marathon   YouTube Results Photo 23/2/2014
 BITEC Half Marathin Marathon 2014     YouTube Results Photo 9/2/2014
 Siamyth Mini Marathon     Results  Photo 2/2/2014

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